nausicaa 161 682x1024 Nausicaa success

Michel Redolfi announced it on his website with a fixed date. During the festival “Images of the sea”, the aquatic center Nausicaa will host an underwater concert the 4, 5 and 6 of april, 2012.

nausicaa requinavion Underwater concert by Michel Redolfi announced !

Michel Redolfi, who also designed the accoustic experience of Nausicaa’s visitors, will host this unique serie of concerts.

All concerts are usually fully booked way in advance. Try to get in touch with Nausicaa early for booking. There’s several concerts per day, usually in the evening. Combine a visit of Nausicaa with an underwater concert in the evening for a trully aquatic day!

Also, Redolfi always create sessions especially for kids, with a different approach on underwater accoustics! These sessions are usually planned in the first days so make sure to check for it if you come with kids.

Precise dates and more informations will be posted here as soon as possible. Photos and videos of the event will also be posted so make sure to come back for a visit afterwards!

For now, you can check this video I made about a concert held in Grenoble (already posted on this blog). It should give a nice overview of what an underwater concert trully is:

Underwater Concert in Grenoble


The work of Stéphane Braud is one of the most accomplished you’ll ever be able to admire in the category of underwater painters. For many years, he’s been living on the Reunion Island and practiced his skills in the water surrounding this jewel of the Indian Ocean.

braudportrait Braud: Blues Painter

Light, fluidity, density, coulors and shapes : it just takes you down 20 meters under the waves at the first look. Everything conveys a sensation of fluidity and movements. The sharpness of his knife technique creates a surprising moving portrait of a flowing underwater environment, fixed on the canvas.

“Stéphane Braud : Fisher of blue”, that’s a nickname you can read on a poster of one of his many exposures around the world.

braudreef Braud: Blues Painter

He explains a bit more about his love for underwater painting :

“In 1996, a brief meeting completely transformed my artistic life : a meeting with the pionner of underwater painting : André Laban. I discovered during some dives with André this technique of painting so particular. Since then, I worked for this and exposition, travels and dives followed around the world.”

braudepave Braud: Blues Painter

Shipwreck's bow emerging from the blue, painted by S. Braud

Have a look around on his blog to see more of his fabulous work !

Interesting video with nice footage of underwater cave. A french team showcases a rescue dive from the “Spéléo Secours Français” organism, highly specialized in immersed cave rescue. If a diver is stranded beyond a syphon in a cave, this team uses unique techniques to carry him back to the surface.

Deep diving to -52m and 1400 m long caves are part of the necessary training to be able to rescue endangered speleo-divers from dangerous situations.

Note their use of a special device allowing several rebreathers and bottles to plugged at the same time. Shall a problem occurs with one of the apparel, it can be safely removed minimizing rebreather exchange for the victim, increasing his safety and comfort.

As a kid, I loved reading all kind of books describing in details mythological creatures from all over the world. Some were completely unique to a specific culture, other shared common traits. A lot of these awesome monsters populated oceans and lakes around the globe, in abundance.

loch ness Monsters of the Sea

Nessie from the Loch Ness is a good example of a persistent belief in such monster.

Now that most of the dry land on this planet have been explored, Read the rest of this entry »

Facts! Only a nerdy infographic can link informations together in such an eye-pleasing way. For this one, Jerry James Stone and Chris Rooney from the website Mother Nature Network compiled datas of shark attacks around the world to bring you “Shark bites: How and Where Shark Attacks”.

infographic sharkattack 435x1024 Mythbusters: Shark Attack Infographic unveils the truth

What? No laser sharks !?

For good measures, they also point out the many thinks that are more likely to kill you than a shark… Yes, you’re more likely to be killed by a treacherous coconut than a shark.

The N.A.S.A recently released a map of the world’s oceans “dead zones“. Unusually low levels of oxygen causes entire regions of the ocean floor’s fauna and flora to perish within weeks.

dead zone fish Dead zones in oceans

Baltic sea landscape of a dead zone

The main cause is the development of phytoplancton Read the rest of this entry »

Created by Jenova Chen, flOw (no typo here) takes you underwater for an evolutionary trip. You start as a basic plankton-like creature that munch on neighbors. You control its direction and thrust with your mouse.

As you chase floating particles, your shape changes. Think of it as a kind of evolved “snake” game. But changing shape gives you the opportunity to dive deeper and deeper and hunt bigger preys.

flow flOw: underwater video game

Red colored creature means aggression

Underwater environment is rendered through the use of colored environment, gliding motion, intelligent soundtrack and transparency. Every time you change depth, the colored background and the music change. But the coolest feature is the use of transparency that lets you witness what awaits you one level below.

Plan your dive carefully and you might be able to reach the bottom of the ocean and the top of the food chain!

Here’s a link where you can play the game for free :

It has also been released on PS3 as a downloadable game.

Apparently, the attack happened during a diver’s certification. Most of the divers perished, swollen by the giant silicon beast:

Funny video, you even have bubble rings footage as a bonus at the end!

The shark itself is a cooking silicon glove:

silicon shark 300x185 Silicon Shark Attack

Caught by local fishermen and displayed on a couch, the beast seems less threatening...

He made it! 100% right, perfect score, etc. You can bet he’ll be on the headlined tomorrow.

What now? TV show, bookmakers, website, politics, espionnage, world domination…

Crazy theories arise:
Some believe he failed to predict Germany’s defeat during the UEFA cup in purpose to keep a low profile until the World Cup. Now, he shines as a true medium.
Some people wants him to be released in Mediterranea.
Some others wants to eat him, for different reasons…

That’s a lot of attention, sure. But it’s well deserved. It’s an amazing creature.